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Full Proof Window Washing in Maple Ridge

Only hire the best to get your windows washed properly


Why Window Washing in Maple Ridge is so Important

No streaks no hassle, let your window shine!

Residents in Maple Ridge greatly benefit from our window washing service by allowing their newly clean windows to pull in more sun into their home. It's a scientific fact that consuming more of the sun will help reduce nausea, depression and stress. The peace of mind an individual can have is greatly increased with cleaned windows as it makes your whole environment feel much cleaner and brighter!

We are rated one of the top window washing companies in Maple Ridge, when you hire us you are hiring the very best window washing service money could buy. Many of our competitors still rely on old school window cleaning methods such as the squeegee and steel wool method of cleaning. These type of cleaning methods can lead to damaged glass and streaky windows, when you hire us you're hiring a company that is outfitted with the latest soft washing equipment, meaning we can give you streak free windows with NO RISK of damaging your property. 

Algae, spider webs and black mold quickly builds its way up around your window frames, sills and eventually onto your glass, which is most noticeable from the inside of your home. Our eco-friendly soap is the key component in allowing us to properly and safely restore your glass and window frames. Your windows will shine bright like they are new again, your will see see a major difference once our technicians are done providing you the the most amazing window washing service in Maple Ridge. 


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Vera Watson

We had Big Moose power washing clean our gutters and put up our Christmas lights. They are well priced and professional. Did a great job at both. Would definitely recommend.

Jon Marshall

Contacted them and he got back to me within about 5 minutes! Confirmed the price and time within 30 mins and then came by two days later. Would’ve been the next day if it wasn’t for the ridiculous heat! Best price I found, best response/communication, and the windows look great. Amazing job!

Gurkaran Khunkhun

Big Moose Power washing did a fantastic job cleaning out my overflowing gutters from the brutal fall weather. Price was very fair and can’t wait to call them back in Spring for Power/pressure washing!


Doreen Phillips

Big Moose Powerwashing

Quick with a quote, quick with a booked date.

Not quick with the job. They did a fantastic job! Fast, friendly and didn’t leave a mess behind. We would differently use them again

Anne Kirk

Highly recommend these guys. Great job. Christmas lights look very professional. I’m too old to go up on a ladder to put them up so I’m very grateful for the help.

Loris Varnam

Excellent job on our roof, gutters and washing parts of our house. Very reasonable price. Very courteous. Will definitely have them back. Highly recommend!!



Our Window Washing Process In Maple Ridge

The results to expect from our  soft washing methods

Washing your windows is never easy, the work can be both tiring and not safe, but worst of all without the right soft washing technology you can easily damage your windows with rough steel wool and plastic squeegees. Scratched glass can occur if you use a squeegee to roughly against the glass or incorrectly, as well as steel wool can cause a lot of tiny scratches all throughout your windows. We are the best window washing company in Maple Ridge,  when it comes to washing your skylights, glass awning, windows and railings around your home safely and properly.


When you hire Big Moose Powerwashing to provide you window washing services in Maple Ridge you are hiring the professionals. No high pressure, no damaged glass, we only use low pressure equipment to wash your windows and frames. Our Low pressure pump sprays at 40-80PSI, the equivalent of a garden hose. We use soft brushes and low pressure settings on our pressure washers to provide a low pressure rinse to remove all the green algae and soapy water off of the glass, frames and sills. 

All of our soap is bio-degradable and completely safe for the environment and your pets. The soap does all the work, once we apply it to your windows, window frames and sills you will see instant results from all the mold, mildew and algae being lifted up off of your windows. After the soap successfully lifts the deep dark stains, we use our soft wash setting on our pressure washers to safely rinse off your windows. 

Window washing in Maple Ridge is extremely important and in high demand as so many home owners take pride and joy in keeping their homes maintained and shining bright. It helps bring your mood up, washing your window is the perfect way to freshen up the house when hosting parties, weddings, and any family events, our window washing service in Maple Ridge is just for you.

Window Washing in Maple Ridge


Big Moose Powerwashing provides window cleaning using a 3 stage filtration method. The result? A safer, cleaner, longer lasting result for your windows! 

Window Cleaning

At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. we know that homeowners live in the most beautiful part of Canada, British Columbia, and that clean windows are a must to take in all the amazing scenery! This is why we take great pride in our telescopic pole system that is combined with a 3 stage filtration method. This system allows us to safely clean windows from the ground, leaving them sparkling clean! Our team is able to clean all the glass on your home, including skylights, awnings, patio glass, railings, and more.

3 Stage Filtration

To clean windows safely, and efficiently, Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. has heavily invested in the latest technology. This means that we are able to clean most windows from ground level, utilizing our telescopic poles, stiff bristle brushes, and 100% purified water. Our approach involves agitating any debris on the glass till it is removed, and then we wash away and rinse the window down with purified water. As the window begins to dry, no spots are left behind. Our technology provides a much deeper clean that lasts a long time. 


Services we provide in Maple Ridge


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Give us a call, text or email, or fill out one of our contact forms by clicking the "Free Estimate" button below. We guarantee quality work at a competitive price, look no where else when searching for window washing in Maple Ridge. We are the professionals, our process is full proof to remove all the dust, mold, and algae off of your windows our results are major.

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