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Roof Washing


Big Moose Powerwashing provides roof cleaning with guaranteed results. We Offer a 3 year guarantee on our work for your full satisfaction.

Roof Cleaning

Replacing a roof can be a costly expense that everyone tries to avoid. How can you extend the life of your roof and avoid replacing it? By having a professional wash it for you. The best approach to extending the life of your roof is to clean it when it becomes unsightly. Roof washing is a commonly overlooked service as organic growth builds up over time and homeowners slowly get used to the look - however, this can cause serious problems. Having a clean roof goes beyond being an aesthetic service because structural components of your home become affected when there is organic debris flourishing on your home. We often get calls from homeowners that they need to get a roof cleaned either because their insurance policy is going to get cancelled or they are about to lose warranty coverage. ​

Trust the Process

At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. we are certified in our craft. Our technicians use the soft wash approach to eliminate any organic growth on your roof. Typically, the first sign of life on your roof begins with mysterious black streaks that begin to appear. This is known as “Gloeocapsa Magma,” and it is a type of bacteria that feeds off of the limestone on shingles. Once this organic growth has made a foothold on your roof, moss, lichen, and mildew begin to grow as well. While the quickest way to get rid of this may be to directly powerwash the roof, the cost in damage outweighs the benefits. Using high pressure to remove any organic growth on a roof can lead to granules & shingles being dislodged, water getting behind sealing, and a huge mess. Powerwashing also only removes the top layer of growth, and doesn't fully resolve the issue as organic materials will start growing again in the matter of a few weeks. In contrast, the soft wash approach allows us to strategically eliminate anything alive that's feeding off of the shingles. We personally guarantee that nothing will come back for a minimum of three years time

Types of Roofs We Clean

There are many different types of roofs that organic growth will flourish on. We are fully equipped with the technology (and safety equipment) to tackle asphalt shingle, tile, metal, slate, and aluminum.


Check Out Some Recent Projects We Have Completed!

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What We Can Do For You

Big Moose Powerwashing is one of the leading roof washing companies in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas. What makes us different? We utilize the newest equipment and vehicles to provide customers the smoothest experience. We offer seminars to our employees and competitors on chemical use, application and safety. Soft washing roofs must be done properly with the correct cleaning solutions and low pressure pumps. We pride ourselves on how far we have come to provide our customers and new prospects the greatest roof washing experience they can ask for. Keep up with us on Facebook to see what we are up on the daily. 

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