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Driveway Pressure Washing

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Big Moose Powerwashing Provides Driveway Restoration Services

Driveway Washing and Cleaning 

Is your driveway looking black, grey, green and just overall weathered? Our Driveway restoration service is just the service for you, with the help of our biodegradable cleaners and top of the line equipment we make easy work of transforming your driveway back into it's original state. Rust and Oil stains? No problem we have special eco friendly acids that will eat away any rust or degrease any oil stain to make your driveway look like new.

Areas We Wash

We wash all sorts of areas around the house, whether it's your driveway, sidewalk, or patio we can transform the look instantly and bring up the curb appeal back into your home. Our favorite ground to tackle is paver stone as the results are always incredible, but we also wash brick, concrete, asphalt and much more.

Our Process 

Application of cleaners is the very first step in bringing back your driveway to it's original state. After the cleaners have had time to eliminate all living matter such as algae, moss, mold and mildew. We follow up with a surface cleaner to penetrate past the grime and to reveal your hidden driveway. After all surfaces are surface cleaned we follow up with a rinse and perfecting of any missed spots. If there is rust or oil we apply our degreasers and acids to remove those stains. And last step if you need polymeric sand we apply it followed by a sealant to keep your driveway clean for as long as possible.

Sealing and Protecting 

The final step once the driveway has been restored is to keep it new by applying a sealer as a protective coat from the sun and other natural elements. Sealant come in different options from thin to thick, thinner seals are ideal for a natural look, and thicker seals are ideal for highlighting the colors of your driveway. 


Check Out Some Recent Projects We Have Completed!

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Big Moose Powerwashing is one of the leading companies for driveway restoration in Mission and surrounding areas. What makes us different? We've worked with just about every type of driveway available, as well as cleaners and sealers. We've put together the best cleaners and prepping methods to provide the greatest result. Whether you get the driveway sealed or if you leave it raw, either way you will be thoroughly impressed with how much we can restore using our specific methods. You can be rest assured you have a trained professional arriving at your door step. Keep up with us on our Facebook to see what types of driveways we restore throughout the season.

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