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Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us?

Big Moose Powerwashing is based in Maple Ridge, we carry top of the line equipment on all of our trucks and trailers, to provide our customers top of the line service. Our principle is to strive for excellence in the house washing industry at a safe pace. We have grown fast and reinvested back into the company to continue improving our service for our customers. We also provide free touch ups for any areas customers are not satisfied with to provide the peace of mind that we will come back even after getting paid.


Organizing and structuring how the company operates provides a big advantage over our competitors. At Big Moose Powerwashing we believe in keeping the job as clear and concise as possible. We provide a day of arrival as well as a notification of when we are on route so you are not waiting around all day. Our techs are uniformed and properly trained to meet your standards. We provide walk arounds before and after the job to approve the work with each and every customer. Our trucks are wrapped and organized with only the necessary equipment to provide a professional service.

Climbing a Ladder

Safety Methods​

Big Moose Powerwashing takes safety extremely seriously. All of our techs are trained and certified on ladder and roof safety. With the help of our education and equipment we are able to take on all sorts of jobs with safety in mind. Whether you have a super steep roof or a tall house we can provide a safe service using the right safety methods. Our cleaning technology can reach up to 50 feet without the use of a ladder. All of our ladders come with stabilizer wings, and all of our crew members are equipped with harnesses.

If you ever have a safety concern or suggestions please email or call us right away as we take safety extremely seriously. 

Affordable Pricing​

We are proud to be able to provide some of the most affordable pricing in Maple Ridge and the surrounding areas. Investing into the right equipment and proper training allows us to perform work at double the efficiency and at just half the cost. We hear it often "wow that was fast", from plenty of customers. It is all thanks to our cleaning methods and tactics as well as our top of the line gear.

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