Power Washing


Big Moose Powerwashing provides power washing and soft washing for your home. The result? A safer, cleaner, longer lasting result for your property.

Power Washing

At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. our company focus is to make your property look dashingly clean. We utilize our high pressure, high water flow power washers to melt away years of grime and buildup around your home. Many homeowners often call us asking if we can pressure wash their home. The answer is yes... and no. If you are here looking for a house wash, head on over to our House Washing Page

What Do We Powerwash?

Everything has a time and a place - particularly when it comes to technology and equipment. Using a powerwasher is often necessary for cleaning surfaces such as decks, fences, patios, pergolas, awnings, and driveways. Using over 3000 pounds of pressure per square inch, as well 8 gallons of water per minute, our machine makes quick work of any debris that needs to be washed away. The reason we don't powerwash homes (if your contractor is doing this tell them to stop!) is because all of that force can wreck havoc on a home. At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. we recognize that soft washing is equally important, and we often soft wash an area before we powerwash it to help break down buildup. 

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