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Window Cleaning


Big Moose Powerwashing provides window cleaning using a 3 stage filtration method. The result? A safer, cleaner, longer lasting result for your windows! 

Window Cleaning

At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. we know that homeowners live in the most beautiful part of Canada, British Columbia, and that clean windows are a must to take in all the amazing scenery! This is why we take great pride in our telescopic pole system that is combined with a 3 stage filtration method. This system allows us to safely clean windows from the ground, leaving them sparkling clean! Our team is able to clean all the glass on your home, including skylights, awnings, patio glass, railings, and more.

3 Stage Filtration

To clean windows safely, and efficiently, Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. has heavily invested in the latest technology. This means that we are able to clean most windows from ground level, utilizing our telescopic poles, stiff bristle brushes, and 100% purified water. Our approach involves agitating any debris on the glass till it is removed, and then we wash away and rinse the window down with purified water. As the window begins to dry, no spots are left behind. Our technology provides a much deeper clean that lasts a long time. 


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What We Can Do For You

Big Moose Powerwashing is one of the leading window washing companies in Abbotsford and Maple Ridge area. What makes us different? We specialize in revolutionary window washing technology, which allows us to safely and effectively clean your windows, skylights, awnings and glass railings. We provide seminars and training to all of our staff on window washing techniques so you can be assured you have a trained professional arriving at your door step. Keep up with us on our Facebook to see what we are washing next.

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