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House Washing


Big Moose Powerwashing provides house washing using the soft wash technique.

The result? A safer, cleaner, longer lasting result for your home! 

House Washing

At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. there is no job that is too big or too small for our crew. We are able to tackle any surface pollutant on your home, whether it be organic (moss, algae, lichen, mildew, mold, dirt) or non-organic (rust, spills, oxidization, stains, paint, oil). Our well researched chemical processes can make any surface look brand new. Best of all? We use no pressure, and very minimal water to get fantastic results! The soft wash technique we use allows the bio-degradable and environmentally friendly chemicals to do the heavy work.

Soft Washing

Traditional pressure washing companies blast high volumes of water at a very high pressure to clean your home. This can cause many problems such as: water getting behind siding and into insulation, basement flooding, gardens being destroyed, holes & cracks in siding, etc. The only solution to this method is soft washing. In contrast to using only pressure to clean, soft washing utilizes a range of different detergents that lift away anything on your home that doesn't belong. Once the reaction is complete, and the dirt has been expunged, all that's needed is a light rinse to wash away debris and reveal a sparkling clean home.

What Can Be Cleaned?

Our specialized pumps can reach up to 5 storeys high, and are able to wash your home top to bottom. This includes your roof, soffits, facia, eavestroughs, siding, decks, fences, patios, driveways, and more! Whether your home is made out of vinyl, aluminum, stucco, hardiboard, brick, or stone - we can get the job done. 


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What We Can Do For You

Big Moose Powerwashing is one of the leading house washing companies in Mission and surrounding areas. What makes us different? We specialize in revolutionary soft wash technology, which allows us to safely and effectively clean your home without the use of any ladder or high pressure. We provide seminars and training to all of our staff on soft wash technology so you can be assured you have a trained professional arriving at your door step. Keep up with us on our Facebook to see what types of houses we are washing.


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Frequently Asked Questions About House Washing

Can pressure washing my house cause damage?

Yes! We often see homeowners and competitors using generic pressure washers to pressure wash grime off of their siding which in reality harms it. High pressure towards the house in general can leave chipped stucco, displaced soffits, and ripped paint behind. Our soft wash solution fixes all of those issues by allowing the eco friendly detergent to do all the work for you so no pressure is required. The highest pressures we use are equal to a garden hose when it comes to soft washing your siding. 

Do you supply your own water?

Yes we show up with our own water, we typically carry about 350 Gallons with us in our water tanks. Sometimes we connect to your garden hose to top off the water if the job is bigger than usual, which only costs an extra 10-20$ per clean.

What is your most common problem you come across when washing a house? 

The most common problem we come across when washing houses in The Fraser Valley and surrounding areas is oxidization on siding. We see it on vinyl siding and more often on aluminum siding, it is a chalky paste that never seems to come off no matter how much it is washed. Our soft wash solution will remove all the living grime so that a fresh coat can be applied to restore the siding. The Handyman's Daughter provides an in depth explanation on how to deal with this type of issue.

How often does my home need to be washed? 

We recommend having your house washed and pressure washed every 2-4 years, it varies by external element and forces. Such as agriculture, location, construction, seasonal weather and much more. Some customers call us every year and some call us just once to get the house ready for a sale. 

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