Soft Washing

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There are some surfaces of your property that need a gentle clean and require a skilled set of hands. Here at Big Moose PowerWashing Inc. Thorough training is provided to our technicians to ensure those softer surfaces get the gentle clean they deserve. 

What is involved in a Soft Washing Service?

Using a low pressure system and bio degradable chemical solutions are sprayed onto your vynl plus soffits in order to fight tough build up of mold, algae, and general grime. 

What Chemicals are used in the process of washing my home?

Our house washing solution consists of sodium hypochlorite, better known as bleach, mixed with water and a surfactant that will help the bleach stick better onto your siding. All Chemicals are biodegradable

When should I have Soft Washing done?

Anytime there is an exterior surface that looks like it has a large build up of surface residue we recommend having it Soft washed. After having a soft wash service done there will be a significant positive change in appearance to the surface.

Why should I have soft washing done instead of power washing?

Every surface requires a different method of cleaning, having a delicate surface power washed could damage the area. soft washing is very gentle and provides a safe and easy clean, because instead of using pressure to clean we use chemicals, and the again with low pressure we rinse the chemicals off of the house leaving your home shining new.