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Expert Pressure Washing in Abbotsford

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Your driveway can become moldy over time as minerals from the rain and grass surrounding it collect on your fresh concrete. Over time your new driveway will go from gray to black without the right maintenance. Our pressure washing service utilizes only the best equipment and soaps to offer the best pressure washing in Abbotsford. 

Many pressure washing companies will still rely on the old school method of cleaning which relies on extreme pressures to remove the live material off of your driveway, walkways or patios, this can lead to chipped concrete all across your property. Our soap does all the work by absorbing all the mold on your sidewalks, concrete and driveway. After our soap has had enough time to lift up all those deep stains we follow up with a even surface clean and a final low pressure rinse to remove all that nasty black, green and gray mold off of your concrete. 


Don't waste the weekend on pressure washing your driveway in Abbotsford, let the professionals do all the hard work for you. Our low pressure cleaning equipment mixed with our bio-degradable soaps makes it easy for use to restore even the most blackened concrete. Your hard surfaces will see some major improvements once our techs are done providing you the highest quality pressure washing service in Abbotsford. 


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Vera Watson

We had Big Moose power washing clean our gutters and put up our Christmas lights. They are well priced and professional. Did a great job at both. Would definitely recommend.

Jon Marshall

Contacted them and he got back to me within about 5 minutes! Confirmed the price and time within 30 mins and then came by two days later. Would’ve been the next day if it wasn’t for the ridiculous heat! Best price I found, best response/communication, and the windows look great. Amazing job!

Gurkaran Khunkhun

Big Moose Power washing did a fantastic job cleaning out my overflowing gutters from the brutal fall weather. Price was very fair and can’t wait to call them back in Spring for Power/pressure washing!


Doreen Phillips

Big Moose Powerwashing

Quick with a quote, quick with a booked date.

Not quick with the job. They did a fantastic job! Fast, friendly and didn’t leave a mess behind. We would differently use them again

Anne Kirk

Highly recommend these guys. Great job. Christmas lights look very professional. I’m too old to go up on a ladder to put them up so I’m very grateful for the help.

Loris Varnam

Excellent job on our roof, gutters and washing parts of our house. Very reasonable price. Very courteous. Will definitely have them back. Highly recommend!!



Our Pressure Washing Process In Abbotsford

The results to expect from our pressure washing service

Pressure washing your driveway is not an easy task, the work can be both dangerous and exhausting, but worst of all without the right soft washing technology you can easily damage your driveway with high pressure. chipped concrete, damaged siding, and much more can happen if too high of a pressure is used to wash your concrete. We are the pros when it comes to pressure washing hard surfaces around your home safely and effectively.


When you hire Big Moose Powerwashing to provide you pressure washing services in Abbotsford you are hiring the professionals. No high pressure, no damaged concrete, plain and simple we only use low pressure equipment to wash your driveway and sidewalks. Our Low pressure pump sprays at 40-80PSI, the equivalent of a garden hose. We use surface cleaners to provide an even wash and low pressure wands to rinse off all the muddy and soapy water.

All of our soap is bio-degradable and completely safe for the environment and your pets. The soap does all the work, once we apply it to your driveway, sidewalks, and patios you will see instant results from all the mold, mildew and algae being lifted up off of your concrete. After the soap successfully lifts the deep dark stains, we use our rotating surface cleaners and pressure washer guns to pull out and rinse off all of your concrete.

Pressure washing in Abbotsford is extremely important and in high demand as so many home owners take pride and joy in protecting their most important asset. It keeps your curb appeal up, pressure washing your driveway in Abbotsford brings market value to your home. Whether you are preparing your house for sale or you just moved in and need some freshening up, our pressure washing service in Abbotsford is just for you.

Pressure Washing in Abbotsford

Pressure washing Langley
Pressure washing Langley

Big Moose Powerwashing provides power washing and soft washing for your home. The result? A safer, cleaner, longer lasting result for your property.

Power Washing

At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. our company focus is to make your property look dashingly clean. We utilize our high pressure, high water flow power washers to melt away years of grime and buildup around your home. Many homeowners often call us asking if we can pressure wash their home. The answer is yes... and no. If you are here looking for a house wash, head on over to our House Washing Page

What Do We Powerwash?

Everything has a time and a place - particularly when it comes to technology and equipment. Using a powerwasher is often necessary for cleaning surfaces such as decks, fences, patios, pergolas, awnings, and driveways. Using over 3000 pounds of pressure per square inch, as well 8 gallons of water per minute, our machine makes quick work of any debris that needs to be washed away. The reason we don't powerwash homes (if your contractor is doing this tell them to stop!) is because all of that force can wreck havoc on a home. At Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. we recognize that soft washing is equally important, and we often soft wash an area before we powerwash it to help break down buildup. 

Deck Pressure Washing

If you have a green and black composite deck then our pressure washing service is just what you need. If your deck is made out of wood then head on over to our wood restoration page. Our eco friendly cleaner lifts all the green algae, mildew and mold right off your deck, followed by a low pressure rinse from our industrial grade pressure washers. The double combo leaves you speechless at how clean your deck can really be with the right tools and tactics. 

Driveway Power Washing

If your driveway is covered in black streaks, mold, moss, oil, rust and algae then we got you covered with our driveway restoration service. We are able to properly restore all sorts of driveways such as brick, asphalt, concrete, aggregate, or paver stone. For driveways with grooves we can provide a polymeric sand application, as well as a sealant application for concrete and asphalt driveways. 

Garden Side Power Washing

Does your house have some big boulders, or a nice and green retaining wall? Don't let the stones and statues get green and black, keep them maintained with our power washing and soft washing service. Restore the fresh feeling back into your yard.


Services we provide in Abbotsford and Mission


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Give us a call, text or email, or fill out one of our contact forms by clicking the "Free Estimate" button below. We guarantee quality work at a competitive price, look no where else when searching for pressure washing in Abbotsford. We are the professionals, our process is full proof to remove all algae, dark streaks and mold off of concrete, our results are major.

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