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Professional Gutter Cleaning in Chilliwack

Gutter Cleaning Service with Proven Results

Gutter Cleaning in Chilliwack

The Best Gutter Cleaning Service in Chilliwack

Guaranteed Results Each and Every Time

Rain season is no joke in Chilliwack, this time around having your gutters clean is a number one priority for all home owners. In order to avoid flooded basements, ceilings and walls, it is best to have your gutters cleaned prior to the heavy rain season. Your home is your number one asset, our gutter cleaning service in Chilliwack provides you the peace of mind of knowing your home will not flood this fall. 

When you call Big Moose Powerwashing for gutter cleaning in Chilliwack you are guaranteed results each and every time. Our methods are full proof, utilizing water in our cleaning process we are able to fully verify that the entire gutter system drains prior to us leaving. There is no stone unturned in our gutter cleaning service, it is completely full proof. 

Be prepared year round by having us provide you an amazing gutter cleaning service in Chilliwack. Having your gutters cleaned keeps your property from becoming a flooded mess, all water damage starts from debris piling up on the roof and gutters which allows the water to pool up. These pools and waterfalls can completely destroy your investment, click the free estimate button in order to receive a free estimate for your gutter cleaning service in Chilliwack. 


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Vera Watson

We had Big Moose power washing clean our gutters and put up our Christmas lights. They are well priced and professional. Did a great job at both. Would definitely recommend.

Jon Marshall

Contacted them and he got back to me within about 5 minutes! Confirmed the price and time within 30 mins and then came by two days later. Would’ve been the next day if it wasn’t for the ridiculous heat! Best price I found, best response/communication, and the windows look great. Amazing job!

Gurkaran Khunkhun

Big Moose Power washing did a fantastic job cleaning out my overflowing gutters from the brutal fall weather. Price was very fair and can’t wait to call them back in Spring for Power/pressure washing!


Doreen Phillips

Big Moose Powerwashing

Quick with a quote, quick with a booked date.

Not quick with the job. They did a fantastic job! Fast, friendly and didn’t leave a mess behind. We would differently use them again

Anne Kirk

Highly recommend these guys. Great job. Christmas lights look very professional. I’m too old to go up on a ladder to put them up so I’m very grateful for the help.

Loris Varnam

Excellent job on our roof, gutters and washing parts of our house. Very reasonable price. Very courteous. Will definitely have them back. Highly recommend!!



Our Gutter Cleaning Process In Chilliwack

The results to expect from our gutter cleaning service

Gutter cleaning and gutter washing must be done correctly so that everything flows once the rain season arrives. Having your gutters cleaned routinely is the only way to avoid damage to your property. Leaking roofs, basement foundations, walls and ceilings are all common water damage problems coming from a lack of roof and gutter maintenance.

Our process for gutter cleaning in Chilliwack goes in this order. First we use low pressure to wash off any loose debris and clear any roof valleys free of leaves, moss, and any other unwanted debris. We do this in order to prevent all this loose junk from going back into your gutter and clogging it after we finish cleaning your gutters.

The next step is blowing out all the moss, sand granules, leaves and other debris out of the gutter, we check the flow of each and every downspout at the same time. Once all downspouts are confirmed to be draining we start on our clean up process. All the muddy water, debris and sludge is washed off from your siding, windows and concrete. We pick up any big chunks and toss it into your green bin, the finer and smaller debris are washed off into the grass, dirt and bushes. 

Gutter brightening in Chilliwack is extremely popular as we are able to remove all the green and black mold off of your gutters to make them shine like new again. When you hire us for your gutter cleaning service in Chilliwack just know that you are hiring the professionals, our work is guaranteed and our prices are competitive. 

Gutter Cleaning in Chilliwack

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

Big Moose Powerwashing provides gutter cleaning  in Chilliwack with safety in mind. Stop going up on a dangerous ladder alone. Let the pros take care of it for you.

Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters overflowing any time it rains? Water flowing over the edges can cause significant damages to your homes foundation, and can even lead to a leak in the basement! The solution is to schedule regular gutter cleaning maintenance to ensure everything is flowing properly down the downspouts and into a designated area. Our gutter cleaning process involves blowing out all debris, and then flushing the entire gutter system down (including downspouts) to ensure water is travelling effortlessly around your home. 

Roof Blow

If you live in an area that is densely populated in tree's its more than likely that your roof is covered in debris as well. Our technicians are able to harness up, and climb on your roof to blow away any sitting debris. This includes branches, sticks, leaves, and pine needles. In some cases, we may recommend a roof clean if we discover organic buildup such as algae, moss, lichen, mildew, or mold on the roof underneath the debris. 

Gutter Brightening

Are the outsides of your gutters dirty? If so, it is more than likely that the soffits and fascia are too. This service is often completed together with our standard gutter clean when we remove all the debris from inside your gutters and downspouts. Our technicians use telescopic brushes and a gentle detergent to scrub them clean. We are also able to use a specialized mix of chemicals to restore oxidized gutters on a case per case basis.

Gutter Guards Installation

If you are sick of having to worry about scheduling your gutter cleans, and just want the hassle dealt with for the rest of your life then our gutter guard installation service is just what you need. Our Moose technicians blow out and flush out your entire gutter system, the covers are secured with 2-3 screws per panel to insure stability against heavy storms. If you would like to learn more then head on over to our Gutter Guards page.


Services we provide in Chilliwack and Harrison Hot Springs


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Give us a call, text or email, or fill out one of our contact forms by clicking the "Free Estimate" button below. We guarantee quality work at a competitive price, look no where else when searching for gutter cleaning in Chilliwack. We are the professionals, our process is full proof to remove all the debris from your gutters and insure proper water flow, our results are guaranteed. 

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