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Big Moose Powerwashing is one of the leading property service companies in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas. What makes us different? We utilize the newest equipment and vehicles to provide customers the smoothest experience. We offer seminars to our employees and competitors on chemical use, application and safety. Keep up with us on Facebook to see what we are up on the daily. 


Pressure washing

Is your concrete looking black, grey, green and just overall weathered? Our pressure washing service is just the service for you, with the help of our biodegradable cleaners and top of the line equipment we make easy work of transforming your concrete back into it's original state. Rust and Oil stains? No problem we have special eco friendly acids that will eat away any rust or degrease any oil stain to make your driveway look like new.

Gutter Cleaning

BC is called the rain forest of Canada for a reason. We get more rain than any other province, and all this rain can cause damage such as flooded basements, damaged walls, destroyed garden beds and backyards. Our gutter cleaning service involves a deep clean with a pressure washer, this process insures proper flow throughout the entire system, providing you the peace of mind you need.

Roof Washing

BC gets some of the longest rain seasons of the country, all of which produce mass amounts of moss and mold on roofs all throughout Maple Ridge, Mission and Abbotsford. Our revolutionary soft wash solution provides a safe method of restoring your roof by eliminating all moss, mold and mildew. This method provides an instant color change as well as results that last for years. 

Gutter Guards Installation 

Abbotsford and Chilliwack gets some of the heaviest storms and rain falls in the province, forcing gutters to be clogged multiple times a year. Our gutter guard installation service offers peace of mind in knowing your gutters will be free flowing during those heavy storms. With this system the branches and leaves are kept out while the water drains through. We still recommend to have the tops blown off every few years to insure proper flow. We also offer a life time warranty on each gutter guard installation 

House Washing

Is your siding looking green with algae and mildew? Are there cob webs and wasp nests forming in the corners? Our soft wash service utilizes eco friendly cleaning solutions that allow the cob webs and green grime to lift up safely off of your siding. After a low pressure rinse your siding shines like new. Our soft-wash method is the safest and most effective cleaning method for siding and other delicate surfaces.

Commercial Services 

Big Moose Powerwashing Is the go to source for commercial cleaning in Maple Ridge and Vancouver area. We tackle on jobs from underground garages, to small store fronts, apartment buildings and townhomes. We also offer gutter and roof cleaning for commercial buildings. Contact us for an in depth quote for your strata or commercial property. 

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