Roof Soft-Washing

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Don't want to climb up on your roof to remove that pesky moss? Big Moose PowerWashing Inc. has got you covered with our Roof Soft Washing service. Having your roof cleaned of debris and washed is an essential part of maintaining any property and prolonging the life of your roof. We will have your roof looking brand new by removing all roof debris, black streaks and organic growth from the shingles. 

What is involved in the Roof Soft Washing Service?

Every roof requires a different strategy to treat. Our highly trained technicians will assess the the roof and use a customized strategy depending on your roofs needs and construction. After successfully removing all of the debris , our technicians will use an Bleach Based solution on the roofs surface to treat any current moss, streaks, or mold. We guarantee after the service is complete there will be a dramatic difference in your roofs appearance and an increase on your roofs lifespan. 

Why is there moss growing on my roof?

Moss thrives in damp and humid environments, this is caused by the indirect sunlight and shade being provided by the trees in your area. Any organic debris caught on your roof provides the necessary nutrients for moss to continue to grow. 

Why is moss on my roof a problem?

Moss roots tend to get underneath your shingle thereby exposing your wood on your roof to moister, this moister can develop mold and rot your roof and its foundation. 

When do I know it's time to have the Soft Washed?

We recommend you should have your debris removed once a year at the minimum with a leaf blower, and you should have your roof treated with chemicals about every 2-3 years or as soon as you see black streaks and or moss developing on your roof.