Roof Washing Maple Ridge & Mission 

What is involved in the Roof Soft Washing Service?

First we use a leaf blower to blow off all the debris from your roof, followed by rinsing of all vegetation, landscaping, and dark paints. We do this in order to avoid damaging your plants and or dark paint on your house. Utilizing our low pressure pump we dispense chemicals gently over your roof, the results are instant. We guarantee after the service is complete there will be a dramatic difference in your roofs appearance and an increase on your roofs lifespan. 

When do I know it's time to have the Soft Washed?

We recommend you should have your debris removed once a year at the minimum with a leaf blower, and you should have your roof treated with chemicals about every 2-3 years or as soon as you see black streaks and or moss developing on your roof. 

Roof Washing In Maple Ridge BC