Mission BC Window Washing Service

Mission is a district municipality in the Lower Mainland of the province of British Columbia, Canada. It was incorporated as a district municipality in 1892, growing to include additional villages and rural areas over the years, adding the original Town of Mission City, long an independent core of the region, in 1969.

It is situated on the north bank of the Fraser River, backing onto mountains and lakes overlooking the Central Fraser Valley, 80 km (50 mi) east-southeast of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mission's neighbourhoods include a number of rural localities which were part of the District Municipality before amalgamation and which still have some strong local identity. The following list is incomplete, due to the emergence of modern-era development neighbourhoods, but covers the historical localities (usually defined by a school and a store of the same name):

  • Silverdale

  • Silverhill

  • Ruskin (also part of Maple Ridge)

  • West Heights

  • Stave Falls

  • Stave Gardens

  • Steelhead

  • Cedar Valley

  • Keystone Road

  • Clay Road

  • Richards Road

  • Cade-Barr

  • Cherry Hill

  • Ferndale

  • Hatzic

  • Hillside

Big Moose Powerwashing Inc. Is proud to provide the following services to the beautiful city of Mission, BC: Roof Washing, Power washing, Soft House Washing, Window Washing, and Gutter Cleaning.

Window Washing

Our approach to window washing is very simple, we use carbon fiber extendable poles that reach up to 40 feet in height.

The poles have a water line that connects to your hose bib. Water is applied, followed by a scrub to loosen up all the dirt off the glass, followed by a rinse providing your windows a safe and effective cleaning method.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning is our most requested service as Mission is filled with lots of beautiful forest, and lots of trees means lots of clogged gutters. Our process is simple and straight forward, we use our gutter cleaning tool to scrape all of the big debris together. We bucket up the big debris, then we either run a rag to collect all of the smaller debris, or we use our pressure washer gun to rinse the gutter system out.

Roof Washing

Mission is one of the most nature filled cities in BC. Unfortunately this means that lots of roofs become a safe haven for algae to grow, spread and develop into moss. However our soft wash solution does the trick, we utilize a low pressure pump, with the same pressure force as your garden hose to apply a chemical, soap, and water mixture onto your roof. The results are shocking as you will literally see your roof gain its original color back.